In the electronic locker system, guests can use locker with their membership cards. You do not need a pin-pad or a padlock for this. There are two systems as Online and Offline. The online system works with energy and is controlled by software. You can report as you wish. Offline system works with battery. In the offline system, the list of the last 50 users of lockers can be connected and reported to the system computer.


If you wish,
• The customer will not allowed to lock a second locker after locking one,
• Exit from turnstiles will not be allowed when the locker is locked,
• Can not lock the locker if not passed through the turnstiles.


Integrating this feature with Lapis will give you a more manageable facility.


I forgot my password!


If you are using a pin-pad at your facility, you are accustomed to hearing the sentence “I forgot my password” from your guests. With the Gantner Electronic Locker System, your password problem disappears , your guests can open their lockers with their cards. By this way, you can prevent malicious people who plan to open someone else’s locker under cover of forgetting.


Forget my locker number!


Your guests may forget their locker number even if they remember their password. If you are using the Gantner Electronic locker System, your guest can pass his card to the info terminal where the lockers are located, and the system will tell him/her the locker number.


Someone else has opened my locker!


You can use Gantner Electronic Locker Systems to prevent malicious people and security vulnerabilities. Each customer can open only the locker locked with his/her own card. Also in the online system, the reception desk will automatically warned in case of an effraction. In this way you will have provide extra security at your facility.


Locker Usage Statics


Then you can get answers to your questions such as how many lockers are open, how many are being used, how many lockers are used per month, usage intensities through time, etc. with Gantner. As a result of this system you can obtain usage statistics.


Saving on Staff


You will not have to waste your staff’s working time in order to check whether there is locked lockers at the end of each day with your requests like “Open all lockers at …” if you wish.


Rental Locker Automation


Manage your rental lockers operation easily, rental duration can be loaded members credentials and no one else can use the locker during this rental period. End of this period members can not use this locker anymore unless they don’t renew their rental locker period.


Dynamic Locker System


In the online system, there is a feature that shows availability of the locker, especially for the facilities “providing customized service”. Firstly, the locker is closed with clean materials (slippers, towels, breechcloth etc.) inside. Your guest opens the locker, takes the slippers, towels, etc. inside and puts their belongings in. In this case, when the locker is locked by the user, it is now blocked to other users. After the guest leaves, the system e-warns housekeeping for the locker to be cleaned up again and necessary items to be put inside. By this way, guests will feel certain that their locker is clean and ready and you will ensure preventing extra usage of towels which will save your resources.


By use of the access control system, you can gauge and report the entrances/exits of your guests. In this way you can plan your resources, facilities and marketing.


• The GAT 6100 Card Reader System is embedded in the turnstile


• As for The GAT 6150 Card Reader System, it is mounted as a recess in the turnstiles


• In the “Card Fingerprint” system, your biometric data is not received, the guest’s fingerprint is not kept the database, it is rather loaded into a fingerprint card, first the card and then fingerprint is used during passes. Passing is permitted if the fingerprint and the data in the card check out with each other.




Do your members take too long in the shower, too? You can use water and energy, important expenditure items of sports facilities, more economically!
With the cashless payment application, when your members swipe their wristbands to the shower terminals, water starts to flow until the predetermined time. For example, if you specify 3 minutes, each member will have 3 minutes in the shower once a day.


If you wish, you can make the shower service to be paid for, the member who loads the card will swipe it, give the shower fee and take shower.

Your members won’t wait in line and you will save water and energy!

You can use the same system in your solarium rooms, too.


You can add money to guest membership card if you want, so that your members can shop in the facility, use the cafeteria, and buy food and drink shopping at points of sales and vending machines. With this system, your guest will not have to carry money, credit card, etc. apart from their card.


Thanks to Cashless Payment module of Lapis, users of tanning booth can hold their cards or wristbands to the tanning booth and use the tanning booth by setting the time they will spend within the booth. Tanning booth will operate during selected period and deduct respective amount from the member’s credit as per related period. No additional staff will be required for this operation.

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